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TBRAC-2022 Installation Guide

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Downloading Installer from Internet

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During the life cycle of TBRAC-2022, CDE Software provides the installer for the software on its website at For ease of installation, it is recommended to download the installer to the computer that the software will be installed on. If the destination computer does not have Internet, then the downloaded installer can be placed on a USB Flash Drive for transport to the destination computer.

To download the installer, do the following:

1.Using a web browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox, enter

2.Select Download from the website navigation menu.

3.Select Bracket Software

4.Select the tab labeled TBRAC-2022

5.Click the DOWNLOAD button.

6.Depending on the web browser and settings, the browser will either prompt to save the installer or run the installer. The name of the installer is TBRAC2022INSTALLER.EXE. Choose save in order for the installer to be saved in the folder designated, which is usually the My Downloads folder. Some browsers automatically save to that or a designated folder. Check the browser settings to locate that folder.


Note: Navigation on the website may change from the time of this guide's last update, but should be similar in process.


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